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AWS ParallelCluster UI is a web UI built for AWS ParallelCluster that makes it easy to create, update, and access HPC clusters. It gives you a quick way to connect to clusters via shell SSM or remote desktop DCV. The UI is built using the AWS ParallelCluster API, making it fully compatible with any cluster 3.X or greater regardless of if you create the cluster through the API, CLI or Web UI.

Want to request a new feature?

  1. First checkout the Github Issues
  2. If you don’t already see your feature, open a feature request

AWS ParallelCluster UI Architecture

AWS ParallelCluster UI is built on a fully serverless architecture, in most cases it’s completely free to run, you just pay for the clusters themselves.



AWS ParallelCluster UI is built on a serverless architecture and falls into the free-tier for most uses. I’ve detailed the dependency services and their free-tier limits below:

Service Free Tier
Cognito 50,000 Monthly Active Users
API Gateway 1M Rest API Calls
Lambda 1M free requests / month & 400,000 GB-seconds of compute / month
Image Builder No-Cost except EC2
EC2 ~15 mins one-time to build Container Image

Typical usage will likely cost < $1 / month.

Get Started

You can get started with your first cluster in as little as ~15 minutes following 1 - Setup